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February 6, 2020: Loyal Guru raised €2 million from US venture firm Greycroft.
February 4, 2020: announced closing in €4.4 million from JME Ventures, GP Bullhound and FJ Labs.
February 4, 2020:
Peoople announced closing a strategic investment round with the Spanish media group Planeta
February 3, 2020:
Immfly secured strategic investment from Boeing.
February 3, 2020:
Scaled Robotics announced a €2 million seed investment led by Construct Venture and PropTech Fund Surplus.
February 2, 2020: Schaman announced a €1M capital investment round backed by Inveready
January 28, 2020: eGoGames raised €3 million from angel investors
January 23, 2020: Hangry closes €1M seed funding from Martín Varsavsky and Félix Ruiz
January 23, 2020: Nomo gets backing of €1.8 million from Banco Sabadell
January 21, 2020: ByHours secured €8 million from Dila Capital and Angel Ventures. January 20, 2020: Canguro English was acquired by UK-based Fluentify
January 15, 2020: SolverML secured €600k from GoHub Ventures and Zriser Group.
January 15, 2020: TiendAnimal was acquired by the Peru-based Emefin.
January 14, 2020: Playtomic acquired US-based Playven.
January 9, 2020: secured €3 million from K Fund, Big Sur Ventures and other investors from Spain
January 9, 2020: Beonprice to raise €2.5 million in a capital round led by AdaraVentures.
January 8, 2020: Triporate secured EUR 1.3 million
December 27, 2019: MyInvestor announced 20 million euro in strategic investment.
December 24, 2019: Cleverea secured EUR 730k from Bonsai Partners and Inveready.
December 23, 2019: Ever Health to raise €1 million in strategic investment.
December 19, 2019: Glovo secured €150m in Series E funding.
December 13, 2019: Alén Space secured one million euro from BeAble Capital and the CDTI


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