How can we help

We often work directly with early-stage founders, helping with the fundraising process.

What’s your story…?

Are you a startup looking to raise money? It all starts with your story.

Getting funded requires gathering a lot of information in a short period of time, crafting the perfect story and finding the right investors. It is a thorough process covering all parts of your business – the whys, the whats, the hows and the whos – and you have only a few slides and a short time available for telling your story.

We can help – we work with early-stage founders raising between $150k – $10M for their startups.

How it works…

Raising money is hard. It requires asking the hard questions and exploring different perspectives, outside your comfort zone. This is how we make sure we cover all basis from an investor’s perspective.

Sometimes startups are not ready to start raising money. We look at the holes needed to be filled and see what the right timing is for the fundraising process.

Sometimes it is about the narrative, how much and for what, and the presentation deck. Preparation, pitch rehearsal and questions investors ask – we take care of that.

Sometimes it is about going to market. What are the right investors, how do you find and approach them? What happens when you get a term sheet?

Sometimes it is all of the above. All founders will agree that it is a lonely journey, difficult and energy-consuming, taking away a lot of attention from building a company.

And this why we’re here for you.

Who are you?

I’m Dragos. I have been an entrepreneur since 2004. I built companies, developed tech products, created awesome teams in different countries and cultures. I raised money and I mentored hundreds of people. Each experience taught me that any detail counts for a compelling story that converts into paying customers and suitable investors.

Let’s chat

I only work with a very small number of people at the time, usually for about a couple of months. We start with having a cup of coffee to explore if we are compatible and, if so, we get to work.

Let’s have that cup of coffee.